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 H&S signs - choose wisely
safety signs

H&S signs – choose wisely

One of the problems people have with H&S signs is that sometimes, they don’t apply fully to the situation that they’re displayed in – sometimes areas might need to be crossed out, or additional information provided on the sign.  But with the myriad of signs out there, it’s possible that you could choose a more appropriate sign, or have one printed.  It’s important to evaluate fully what the sign is referring to and choose the correct information point, so that people can absorb and understand the information as rapidly as possible.  Safety signs shouldn’t be messed with, and altered signs can create serious confusion, so why risk it?

The appropriate sign for the appropriate event

Depending on why you’re displaying H&S signs, you may need to evaluate several subtypes of the same sign – different wording may make all of the difference, and in cases where you need to convey a warning or information on where to find something, clarity is key.  If you’re unsure of whether a poster fits, it’s possible to buy one with blank spaces, and then fill the space in, in black marker, and clear legible letters to convey the exact information you need.

Some pre-printed signs however, cover those bases – for example, if you keep a first aid box in the canteen, you might be able to acquire a sign that says that – these are better in the long run because they can’t be wiped, changed, altered or damaged in a way that makes the information less clear.

And if all else fails, you can have your signs printed – there are many groups that create and print a myriad of safety signs, using the correct symbols and the wording that you’d like to use – those are often created by companies who need a little extra information on their caution posters, and can fill a gap in the market where a printed sign would need to contain more information that might be needed to be printed legibly.

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